Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ta Dah! and Prom night

 Here is the finished blanket of mine. I began making squares when I first learnt to crochet and I happened upon them one day and so I decided to make them into a blanket. I had to make a whole heap more squares , but it kept me busy whilst watching stuff on TV.  Lily has absconded with it.
 Amber had her prom night last Thursday. She got a little blue 1950's style dress, which suits her so much.
Here she is before she left
 Here she is at the Prom with her friends
She returned home with cries of 'i'm never drinking again!'  

Mandy x


Evil Edna said...

she looks fab very Dianna Dors.EE

Deborah said...

Your blanket - and your youngest daughter - look fabulous!

Audrey said...

Beautiful girl and blanket!

anne said...

Love the blanket. Amber looks fantastic.