Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Journals, cats and dogs oh my!

After much nagging from my eldest daughter (you know who you are!) I went and got myself an A5 journal. I already have a couple of other size journals but have lacked the mojo to do anything in them, so I figured a little A5 would be easier to work in. The pages aren't too much bigger than a postcard. I also decided to call my journal 'she sells sanctuary' not because I love the song although it's pretty good I must say! lol no I have a penchant for religious icons not because I'm religious I'm not. But the images call to me. I have a giant Mary framed in my living room.

Front cover
 first page 
 Myrtle and Ivan
 I often say that the dogs are smaller than cats... and here it is! Ivan (technically still a kitten, around 9 months old) larger than the babies.
Mandy x


inkypinkycraft said...

great pages and fab little animals photos! x

Deborah said...

I share your love of religious imagery - the more Catholic the better! I am betting this is the first of many fabulous pages (I'm sure Lily will crack the whip lol).

Heidi said...

Know just what you mean about religious icons. I love crosses, churches and graveyards!! I would like to get a journal but can't find one with paper that will withstand lots of ink and paint. Look forward to seeing more of your pages... :-)