Sunday, 22 April 2012

Aren't Mushrooms Weird?

Here's some mushrooms I've chopped up for our mushroom curry that we are having for tea. 

Here's a couple o wax collages I made this afternoon, I couldn't find my beeswax and so I've had to use candle wax... they smell nice but the wax soaks right through so maybe not such a great improvise. I've just had to nip onto Ebay to get some new beeswax.

 images from lisas altered art (top) and hidden vintage (bottom)
Mandy x


Gery said...

Your Wax collages are beautiful and so is your other work. I love to have a look around on your blog now and than.
Sorry, that I'm too late fot tea.
Mushroom curry, sounds soooo good!

Amy said...

I love the feel of the wax..never used it..would love to learn.