Saturday, 3 March 2012

Green & Black's

no not the chocolate unfortunately! lol It's the theme on Dillybeans this week.
I made a couple of pieces for this. A bookmark and a little hanging. Green is my fave colour in the world.
Mandy x


Deborah said...

Most definitely wonderfully brilliant :-)

LilyPinkScraps said...

Fabulous the both of them - love Green & Black in all it's forms ;)

Audrey said...

Love them both!!

Shannon said...

Green is my favorite color too,
I love your pieces of course.
I really like the style of them both, they are bit different from some of what you do usually. Who are the stamps from, I really like them. Your work never ceases to inspire me and make me smile.

Amy said...

These are BOTH Darling as ever..and GREEN is also my fav. color as well!