Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting Inky

Clever ole me, went out yesterday to see my friend, Claudia. I left my glasses at her house! aaaggh! it's about an hour's walk over there and I have my shopping coming today so.... no reading, no cutting out! What to do? I did a bit of tidying up and came across this old watercolour pad I've had for years, just a cheapie one from The Works.
So I set the tidying to the back of my mind and got inky with my spritzers
and I ended up with 13 backgrounds.
I'm having to get Little A to proof read this so it makes sense, as I cannot see a darn thing!
Mandy x
ps ~ i LOVE making backgrounds!


catherine said...

These backgrounds are fab. i have just started in this area and made my first journal pages. I have just had a peek around your blog and it is brilliant. such lovely pieces of work. i have become your newest follower and looking forward to visiting again

Audrey said...

Love your backgrounds!

Deborah said...

Those backgrounds are fantastic, Mandy, but I can't believe your higgledy piggledy storage of spray bottles - aren't the nozzles clogged???

Mandy C said...

no Deb... they are usually upright but i've just plonked them back into the box as i've used them.

roc said...

oh..they are all so wonderful!

Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE the backings..they are just perfect for any art!!

anne said...

I never knew you loved making backgrounds so much, Mandy.
You should have told me then we could make them together because i love making them too! LOL
Great backgrounds.....as always