Monday, 9 January 2012

There are good people....

in my life.... I have to give a grand shout out to Anne, one of my two best friends, who came to visit me this past weekend, although she did make me work my butt off on some atcs! All my friends from Katz & co have been caring and kind... just had a phone call from Sue offering to take me out of the house for an hour or go do shopping. All my internet friends are super dooper kind asking me if I'm ok. I'm so glad I have friends.

Another day of colouring, today with tea and profiteroles for lunch, yummy but sickly I must say! lol. I just wish I could DO something, first time I've been at home for any length of time for over a year and I can do NOTHING, it's actually driving me a bit crackers but the stitches come out on Friday! yay... still another week of rest following that though. I'm running out of True Blood to watch!Poor dogs are getting fed up too, I can't even pick them up.
Myrtle, the defender of the pencils. oh look I've got spotty pj's on! lol
Lastly, I learnt a new word this weekend... spice apparently it means 'sweets' oop north. lol

Mandy x


Rosa Witten said...

It's no fun being stuck at home. Hope you mend quickly! Love your Hello Kitty mug. Poor fur babies.

anne said...

Who worked who hard?????????? Was a pleasure to come and see you. Had a lovely time and got sing to the girls.......what a treat for them both. Lol

Laura said...

Hi Mandy, Hope your doing well darling, nothing worst than not being able to do anything :( youll be back on your feet in no time darling xxxx

Amy said...

HEllo girlie, hope all is well. Glad to hear from you and an update to how you have been. Wow, time flew by..glad you get your stitche out soon!!! You must be happy about that. Glad you are getting lots of "friendship" emails! You deserve all the LOVE in the worlds!!!! I'll email soon..have to work all week..Friday too..bummer! Oh well, have fun making lotso art!!!

roc said...

omg - those pups are adorable!!! so happy that your friends are helping to cheer your spirits!