Friday, 20 January 2012

Baking, Tapestry and Dogs plus a nosy cat

Yesterday, I managed to go out for a few hours, I did go to the local shop the other day but didn't feel great but I ventured into town with Lily and met up with Amber, we did a bit of thrifting. and... I've been after a small tapestry since before christmas and I thought I would treat myself to one. Can't wait to start it.
love these colours
Little A has been having a bake-off this week or so it seems, first she made these lovely gingerbread biscuits and then some lemon biscuits. Yummy... this is the book she used. no pix of the lemon bickies as they were gobbled up before the light of day.
Here's my babies.... still going stir crazy.... next week I'm going to start walking them again regular, just round the block to begin with.
Gomez wondering what's it all about.... or just being plain nosy!

Mandy x

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Rosa Witten said...

So much fun to be part of a creative family! Those biscuits do look yummy.
Keep getting better!
:) xxx