Tuesday, 27 December 2011

the gangs all here

christmas in photo's from our house to yours

Little A
Amber is a book-fiend ~ she's already read a book from Christmas Day.
Miz Lils decided to dress up as a mime for Christmas
Amber's new Christmas lippy
Think Lily may be pleased with this prezzie!
Classic Lily
Myrtle does not like to dress up! She was grumpy all day til we took her Santa costume off.My niece is in the background stroking her.
Petrie's Little Grinch impression! Nothing fazes this laid back boy.
Mandy x


roc said...

omg - awesome photos. you know how much i LOVE those pups! poor myrtle - it's no fun being grumpy on xmas.
happy holidays!

Amy said...

LOL..I love the last photo..your pup all dressed up in stripes! CUTE...I love the girls gifts.. what is that book called for Lily?
awwww, so happy to see some of your holiday photo's...
Christmas to my fav. family in England!!! I LOVE YOU's..