Sunday, 22 August 2010

Puppy Party

It was Myrtle's 1st birthday yesterday... we had a little puppy party for her.

Myrtle with her birthday present
Myrtle with her Tiara on....
... she wasn't impressed with it!
Petrie was happy to pose with his pink tiara on
Some of the Puppy Party revellers!
Miz Lils, Doctor S, Mini J and Little A
Happy Happy Happy

More birthday pix tomorrow from Little A's 15th Birthday!


Janet Ghio said...

The girls look much happier with their tiaras than Myrtle!!

roc said... know how much i love those dogs of yours!!!!! that myrtle needs to appreciate all her beauty in that tiara!

Amy said...

oh my, wish I could have been there..even to get one of those most fabulous party hats!!! girl you know how to have a it..and most adorable pic at the cute chewing on her new toy! LOL..fab..glad you all had fun