Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lily's Results

Yay... Lily has passed go .... AND she gained entry into Landau Forte College. I'm super dooper pleased as punch for her....

Even though I gave birth to this child... I am scared! lol
5 A* and 6 B's! Raspberries to you Mr Kassai


arwen_tiw said...

Congratulations Lily!! :)

I have the insiders perspective on Landau lol. Use the place to your advantage, ignore what doesn't help you grow, passive resistance to conformity is the way. ;) I won't say anything rude about it though, as I still miss the drama/dance/arts departments. *homesick*

Amy said...

Wahoooo..congrats girl..you deserve all those good grades..you work so hard and are obviously a natural beauty at everything you do!

fatmasplace said...

this our girls year, yeahhhhhh

LiveArt said...

Yippie!! Congratulations girl and Mum!!! That's fantastic, such a wonderful feeling when all the hard work pays off Big Time :) Best of luck to you :)