Friday, 30 July 2010

Trip To Chesterfield

The GIRLS and I managed to have a day out together yesterday ... we went to Chesterfield.... find info here. It's such a quaint little place... most of the shops are outside instead of in a shopping centre and on a Thursday they have a fab fleamarket.... Miz Lily managed to buy loads of vintage clothes for great prices, Little A got herself a book to journal in and I got some postage stamps with heads on to make postage stamp people. There is a gorgeous little Vegetarian restaurant which was so great not to worry about what we are having to eat!

Little A and Miz Lils looking super enthusiastic about our trip
Little A is looking happy on the train ride home ...
... but the juries out on Miz Lils ~ although I think I detect a little smirk on her face!

Mandy x


Amy said...

Gosh, I can't say this enough..your girls are MAJOR GORGEOUS Mandy!!!
Sounds like the most fun day together. The vintage clothing would be so cool to see!! Super cool to the stamp find...I love finding stamps..yours are more artful of course! Very cool..glad you enjoyed your day out. Hugs...

Gayle Page-Robak said...

What a fun time you had, Mandy--and your girls are beautiful. Lucky you! I didn't realize I was not following you until today and now I am. Better late than never. I invite you to join me as well. I envy you having a flea market near, there are none that I know of in our city but have enjoyed the fun in other cities. Have fun with your new postal stamps. Hugs, Gayle.

LiveArt said...

Your girls are sooo beautiful Mandy, sounds like you had a wonderful trip and found some real treasures!!

Hugs and smiles,