Sunday, 9 May 2010

Garden Time

Miz Lily and Little A have agreed to do an hour of gardening a week. So today, it was so lovely and sunny so we headed outside to mow the grass, cut overgrown bushes and weed.

Miz Lils getting into the gardening vibe

Yes, Miz Lils needs to concentrate ~ that girl has no body strength at all! Little A in the background inspecting her trimming of next doors conifer that was overgrowing into my garden!

Finally! Yes she did it! She sawed through the dead conifer!

No more room in the garden recycle bin so will have to do for now!

1 comment:

Amy said...

aw, your girls are totally fun Mandy. I just love their happiness. They have great fashion taste as well. It is fun to see them out in the garden area..looks like you had a sweet day my friend...

Happy Mother's Day sweet Mandy!