Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Clearing up, Cats and Crochet!

Yesterday I had a rare day off, so I set about clearing up some of my 'stuff' ~ this is the bag I used to put odd stamps or stamp plates I found around the place.... bear in mind it is 20" high! I just don't have any more room (I already have 4 deep drawers full plus 3 boxes full) to put any more stamps, strangely this doesn't deter me from buying more! lol

I am turning into such a crochet obsessive! I am crocheting all the time.... for saying a few weeks ago I was adamant that I could not possibly do crochet. Oh no not me! here's what I've made since last week. 23 up til this photo... did more last night!

This is how we found the cats sleeping last night behind the sofa! Such cuteness.


Scatty Dolly said...

Oh those puddy cats are just tooooo cute! Great photos!
I wish I could crochet...

Jules x

Donna said...

The squares look great and soooo many! I'm seriously impressed :)

Irish3 said...

Loving the cats! They are so sweet!!! Those sleeping faces are classic!

anne said...

Gorgeous Squares, Mandy. WD.
They will look great when they are sewn together!

Amy said...

aw, sweet lil' cuddly kitties you have. I didn't know you had kitties too.

WOW, girl you have stmaps galore..I'd love to see your stash!!!! It would truelly amaze me!!!!

Your squares are so cute. What do you do with them all..will you make one big quilt?

Thanks for sharing your passions

Laura said...

You have so many stamps, you lucky girl! Your cats are so cute and they sleep together, my sisters ones can't bear to be within 5 feet of each other.