Monday, 15 October 2018

Why Fit in....

when you were born to stand out.... I love that quote. It's by Dr Seuss. He spoke in riddles but made alot of sense :-)

This week's SPA is hosted by Audrey and it.... UNIQUE

Here's my postcard

and here is my Alice and Into the Woods from the past two weeks!
I keep forgetting to blog them 

thanks for everyones support with Sunday Postcard Art :-)
Mandy xx


Deann said...

You know I adore your artwork and your great unique style these are all fabulous.

peggy gatto said...

Very fun cards! Very fun challenge, thank you!!!

Cindy McMath said...

Love love love the big cat!!! Great card Mandy. Your Alice card is terrific too, and the Woods card is so pretty. Always love your work my friend! Xx

Audrey said...

Love all you're entries! They're all unique for each theme!