Sunday, 15 January 2017

Veganuary 2017 week 2

I've survived week 2 of this years Veganuary. Actually, I'm not surviving I'm enjoying it. Although week 2 proved more of a crumpet and toast week than cooking compared to week 1.

 Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I went into Derby on a vegan quest for some new foods to try. There's a fab shop called 'soundbites' which is opposite the bus station towards the market hall. Everything they sell is vegan. How cool is that? I got myself some Divine chocolate, low salt stock cubes (my food is very salty, I think it's the regular stock cubes I'm using) some cheese sauce mix so I can make some mac n cheese (I've surprised myself that I don't actually miss cheese)

After a while we decided we needed to rest our weary feet, and sample some chocolate.... I got the one with Raspberries in. It is lush!
So, all in all, we visited many shops on our quest. Soundbites, Sainsburys, Grape Tree, Tesco, Holland and Barratt, FarmFoods.
Apart from Soundbites the rest of the shops had hardly any vegan products at all.
Most disappointing especially when said shops have it online, but who can afford to do £40 shops at every online shop??

I'm happy with what I am doing for now. So onward... to week 3

Mandy xx

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