Monday, 8 August 2016

My Myrtle and MegaEsophagus

Last week, after extensive tests my baby girl Myrtle has been diagnosed with megaesophagus.

For months now Myrtle has struggled with choking. She has been treated for kennel cough and lungworm to no avail.

Now, it has progressed to her being sick after eating, after drinking water, she cannot go for a walk or wear a collar. She is even sick whilst sleeping, although feeding her earlier than usual is helping with this.

This disorder causes her muscles in her throat to not push down her food into her stomach.

Luckily, (touch wood) I seem to have developed a way to feed Myrtle so that she isn't sick. Water is still a problem though, even though she is drinking from an elevated height. I took her out for a 10 minute walk yesterday and Myrtle was sick twice. So I cannot take her out as it's not fair to Myrtle.

we will perserve daily with dealing with the ME

mandy xx


Golden Goddess Designs said...

So sorry Mandy. sounds very similar to what is happening to my dog. He is very old. They told us there is a $5K surgery but he is so old we don't want to even try. He is on nerve pills to help calm him when he can't breathe. His is more breathing issues that eating but it is still his throat that is the problem. But thinking back he is a puker and always has been. He often eats grass on our walks to make himself puke. And throws up immediately after eating sometimes. We have also had to shorten our walks as he is always gasping for breath. Our vet told us dogs with his condition usually hyperventilate because they are gasping for air because the throat is not taking in the air hence the nerve pills. They called his "partially paralyzed". I hope your doggie gets better but for us we understand this is the beginning of the end.

hazel said...

Poor Myrtle, I hope she can make a full recovery now that you've found out what was wrong with her.
xxx Hazel.

Electra said...

I'm so sorry for your sweet doggie, Mandy. I hope a solution can be found!!