Sunday, 5 January 2014

Snow Snow Snow

well... not literally. But this week's theme on Sunday Postcard Art is SNOWFLAKES.

What a ding dong making this postcard. I bought a snowflake die for this theme and could not find it anywhere, so I made the postcard and used these little felt snowflakes I had (table sprinkles) fastening them on with some eyelets. Then guess what happens to appear five minutes later! Yes the darned snowflake die! lol sods law I guess.

The background of this postcard is one from my stash. It had been spritzed and stamped with some clocks. Then I used distress paints over the top and some white acrylic spritzer for the snow. For the background snowflakes I used picket fence distress paint and a mask from That's Crafty.

Mandy x


johanna said...

it looks totally gorgeous, mandy! hope the fairy brings you luck all over the year!

Audrey said...

haha, I'm still looking for my stars..2 weeks by now:(

Deborah said...

All the turmoil and hassle certainly isn't reflected in the finished piece - it's magical.

peggy gatto said...


Karla B said...

Awesome piece of art!So magical!