Thursday, 10 January 2013


Wow, not blogged for a week! I have been feeling incredibly ill with this flu-type bug going around, hopefully it is now leaving my temple of a body (haha) after 3 weeks. I tend to hibernate when I'm not well. I didn't even get to make my postcards for SPA this week and I had everything ready (bah!)


Here is a postcard (my first of 2013) featuring dear old Dr Watson from Sherlock fame. Sam has brought out a new Sherlock set of stamps. Must admit I have been inspired by the BBC series (ahem 3 episodes! what's that about???) really enjoyed the way it was filmed etc.

here's a catch up with our christmas photos 
 Miss Myrtle in her Elf costume
 Retro Boxing Day
 Jack playing Santa
 My ikkle babies
 Baked Goodness

Mandy x


Deborah said...

Good to see you emerging from hibernation and blogging cool stuff again.

I like the Cumberbatch Sherlock but my favourite will always be the series with Jeremy Brett/Edward Hardwicke.

Fliss said...

Hi Mandy, popped over to say hello and so sorry to hear you seem to have been suffering like me (an unwanted pressie from my Oh that took a turn for the worse) and hope you feel loads better soon.
Great artwork and I absolutely adore the latest Sherlock as I'm a big fan of Mr Cumberbatch.
Fliss xx
New TC DT in case you wonder who on earth I am!