Tuesday, 4 September 2012

where have i been....

wish i could say it was something exciting! lol gardening and general messing around not getting much made of anything.
I had lots of help in the garden on Sunday when some very generous people came and helped me out, hopefully we'll get together again without the garden! lol

Today, I've had a crafty day at home, got a few pieces done for various DT's I'm on. More later this week on that.

When I took the dogs out early this morning, I discovered a blackberry patch so I made Lily get dressed to go back with me .... we got a few (not many but enough for a crumble with some other fruit)
 I've got a crochet blanket on the go.... I still can't do anything but granny squares but I love them anyway.
 New wool I've bought for the blanket. love these colours!
Hopefully I will get to some challenges this week. I hope so. I am missing my crafty time.
Mandy x


Deborah said...

I love old fashioned crochet blankets and the colours you've chosen are fab, Mandy. I went blackberrying the other day in the cemetery (not the bit with graves)- yum!

Ginger said...

Nothing wrong with granny squares, they are very relaxing, lovely colours you are using too.x ( that sounds a but yodaish)

Shannon said...

You actually picked those yourself? Wow, that's amazing to me. You should make a fresh cobbler with them, it would be delicious.