Thursday, 8 September 2011

Life Returns to 'normal'?

Today, Little A returns to school, as a 'post-16' student (this means 6th form to us normal folk) after 3 months being off school, waiting for exam results, etc. Miz Lils will be 'going to work' and so.... I will have time to make ART, not had much time to make much over the past year, with one thing and another, Miz Lils leaving school n starting her own business and my mum being ill I can finally FINALLY have time to have ART time. I cannot wait. I'm determined to have at least one day to myself and do what I want to do, it's been a long time coming. Hopefully, I will be able to get back into a routine, get a tad bit more organised (me? hah!) and even start trading again.

Here's my Little A going back to school earlier this morning. Hope it goes well for her, it was like her first day! lol (she'll probably get suspended for the turquoise in her hair! )

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Mandy ♥


anne said...

Good Luck Amber. Mandy.......Organised.......That is something I MUST See. Lol

Scarlett said...

Mandy your daughter is beautiful and I LOVE her hair! Hope her day goes well. =)

Amy said...

LOVE the blue strands..she's a gorgeous girl!!!!! You must have guys breaking down your doors! I hope she has an amazing school year ahead.