Saturday, 6 November 2010

Creative Process ?

My wonderful friend Amy bought me a collage sheet from TumbleFishStudio on Etsy.... I made these art dolls to use on my artwork with the sheet.

Then... onto the creating.... Here's my table before I start any creating....
After making a postcard size piece for Wednesday Stamper
Closer up of the card.... i LOVE pan pastels they are super amazing
See my finished piece on the next post!


Mandy x


Kristin said...

This is so much fun to see! Your work is so FAB (as always), xo

Amy said...

oooo, I love that you shared your art space..I love to view up close and see all your artful goodies on your work all the collage make me some ATC's girl! LOL...I'm so HAPPY you liked the sheet and working your amazing artful spirit into them..LOVE your characer's (always)

Audrey said...

Lucky you!