Friday, 22 October 2010

Birthday Thanks

I want to thank everyone who thought of me of my birthday. I had a fab day, my friend Anne came over and we went to lunch with the girls, then came home and had some time creating together... which was great for me as I've been in a total funk with my creative time just lately!

I got a wonderful haul of goodies..... here they are!

Fatma made me the red bag, Donna got me the music stamp, mask and the paints ~ yummy paints! Amy got me tons! stamps, metal brads, gems, stickers, more stamps, papers, ribbons and more! lol Lily and Amber got me the Jack cookie jar, little kitsch notebook and the tin with Shakespearian cats on and my sis and niece got me a pen, jack notebook, fairy notebook and some stickers!

Anne got me these fab slippers! Quack Quack

cake the girls got for me whilst i was out with anne, we came home from lunch and there it was ~ with 16 candles on it (one of my fave films)

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I got some surprise cards in the post and well wishes from some lovely blog friends!

Mandy x


Deborah said...

What a wonderful collection of birthday goodies, Mandy! Belated birthday wishes :-)

Amy said...

Woot..look at that most wonderful loot you got for your Birthday..So HAPPY you had a sweet (sixteen) Birthday -LOL...Your girls are so creative and that was sooo beyond sweet that they made you that awesome themed cake from your fav. movie..the 'skeleton' head is awesome..never seen one of those here! Looks like you got lots of fun neat stuff to enjoy. Happy Birthday again Mandy!!!

anne said...

The cake was very nice. Made your tea taste good. LOL. Only joking Mandy. Your tea is very tasty.
We had a good day. Although some of our backgrounds didnt turn out as they should have lol