Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy News for Lily!

Lily had her first interview yesterday to get into a college (ncn) in Nottingham. She got in! yay! Needless to say they were very impressed with her artwork. However, she has several other interviews before she makes her mind up which she wants to go to in September.

After the interview we went and celebrated at Rock City with Reel Big Fish!

This is part of Lily's final project at school ~ she has to make something 3d and she chose to make this dress out of chicken wire and papier mache which she then painted on and is hard at work finishing off!



anne said...

Congratulations Lily. Love the dress!!!!

anne said...

Congratulations Lily. Love the dress!!!!

Amy said...

Congrats to your are such a cool mom too!!! I love her art..does she have a blog as well?

LazyKay said...

How exciting, the start of a brand new chapter in her life.

WELL DONE - enhjoy! The world is your (artistic) oyster.