Friday, 6 November 2009

Twinkle's Animal Hospital

When I was a child I would get a Twinkle annual and Twinkle would always have a hospital ~ for dollies, teddies and sometimes her dog. I am following here lead and I have my own animal hospital! Petrie had an op yesterday and whereas he is ok, he is a little out of sorts with the world. He has a buster collar on which is nearly as big as him and he keeps bumping into things and he can't sniff much as the collar pulls his head right down. Bless him!


Amber said...

aww, poor petrie. he hates that collor he thinks it makes look fat :(

Rella said...

Poor baby..what kind of dog is this little cutie??? Love your blog. It reminds that when I started in the mail art world back in 2000, I began with Zetti. My total fav for a long time. Since then I go back and forth, around and about. Right now I'm in a Marie type of mood...but I know that won't last. lol

Come visit me xox Rella