Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Animal Update

Awww..... can't believe the puppies are now 7 weeks and they are going into the newspaper tomorrow for sale (sob sob) here are the 3 for sale.... Dexter, Frankie and Ayla

We will miss them terribly but I wont miss the pee-ing everywhere! lol Here is Myrtle.... the one we are keeping...

Here are the cats, Austin and Harvey snuggled up with puppies.


Alicia1008 said...

Hi Mandy,
the little dogs are so cute!!!!
I would like one:-)

Alicia :-)

roc said...

oh my gosh mandy...i'd be bawling too! they are so adorable!!!!!!! i'm so glad you are keeping at least one! and what a beautiful face, too!