Monday, 12 May 2008

My Garden

Amber & Stripey enjoying the sunshine

Hasnt the weather been gorgeous.... had to take a few pictures around the garden, even though most is green :-) Lily isnt on any photo's as she HATES the sun.


Artyfax said...

Hi Mandy, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I know there are lots of blokes blogging art but not many of us blogging crafts (as if there is a difference, LOL). Anyway thanks for the compliment, you have some wonderful ATC's here yourself. I would like to put you on my blogroll if that is OK?

I love the phots of the garden. I have been taking piccies of my own horticultural efforts recntly and must include a couple of my favourite shots in my posts.


LazyKay said...

Lovely shots of your garden - and great pic of Amber and the cat. I sympathise with the sunshine haters - I'm really NOT into sunshine myself, as in being out in it that it - great pics for altering here.


Sharon said...

Your garden looks beautiful, Mandy. Mine, on the other hand, needs a bit of a tidy up! lol

Awww, that's a lovely pic of Amber & her cat. :)

~*~Patty said...

Ooohh, lovely flower pics and that precious girl with kitty kat too! Flowers are such an amazing thing, each so special and full of surprise. We have some little wrens nesting in a birdhouse near our back porch, oh what sweet songs they sing!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh how lovely