Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Monthly Inchie Swap

on Z's forum is run by Shary and this month she chose a colour theme of blue and white/cream.

I did a blue and white theme and also tried to stick to a common theme through out as I personally think it looks better in the photo! lol .... so I used the non-sequitur eternity plate and an invoke arts time plate too.... you guessed it the common theme is TIME.

I can't seem to take a straight photo of inchies.

This is the hostess card for Shary.... it's on a matching theme :-)

They all have twinkling h2o's on which doesn't show up. Very shimmering IRL.

Thanks for taking the time to look


Heather Robinson said...

I am amazed by the detail in your inchies. Beautiful use of the colour scheme Mandy!

Shary said...

Lovely inchies!! Can't wait to get my hostess ATC. ;-)

Sharon said...

I've just been looking at Shary's inchies too, Mandy :)

I really love the colour scheme. You've done a lovely job!