Saturday 19 March 2022

Style is an accessory to Substance

 This weeks SPA is DAPPER MEN chosen by Sandie

You dont see many Dapper Men around these days... Such a shame we no longer make an effort to dress up and elegant

You cant beat a vintagey gent
Mandy xx 


peggy gatto said...

Dapper indeed!!! Looking good!

Deann said...

A couple of very fine looking gentleman and a handsome card too. Have a great week.

Michele said...

excellently done! xo

Katrin said...

Grandfather & grandson - I think these two have a lot of fun together. :-)
Best wishes Katrin

Sandra Wright. said...

Loving your postcard Mandy. It's so true, todays generation don't do "posh" lol.
Back in the day when I was in my teens and married, my boyfriend/husband always wore a suit when we went anywhere special, I had a wardrobe of evening dresses, they would be worth money now had I kept them,lol.

Rosie said...

A wonderful take of the challenge, Mandy