Sunday 31 August 2008

Crowns and Wings

is this week's theme on SPA
Just wanted to add that I'm having computer probs at the mo so that's why I've not uploaded much for a couple of weeks :-) Hopefully my new computer should be up and running soon though.

Sunday 24 August 2008


is the theme on Sunday Postcard Art this week chosen by Nans. Thanx Nancy ~ this really was a challenge! lol

Sunday 17 August 2008

Sunday Postcard Art

heres my entry for SPA ~ theme this week is Children

Sunday 10 August 2008


is the theme chosen by Kris on Gothic Arches this week.... Here's mine.... i've used some images from Paper Whimsy.

4 your eyes only

a collage I made for Crowabout on Flickr


is the theme on SPA this week. The theme was chosen by the wonderful Sandy. Thanx for a great theme Sandy!

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Monday 4 August 2008

Crazy Amigos

There is a free theme on crazy amigos for the next two weeks so i have decided to use this postcard i made for Collage Play with Crowabout ~ I was invited by Nancy B to join her new challenge flickr group. You get a collage sheet and have to use at least 3 images off the sheet to make a piece of artwork. It was lots of fun.... there was a pair of legs, which I've also used as arms (lol) the face, the dog, the bird and the cars in the background are from the sheet.

Shades of White

was the theme chosen by Hermine on Gothic Arches this week.... Here's mine.... the words say....
Live every day, hope every hope, dream every dream. (stamping done in old paper distress ink) I find it quite difficult to use white ~ I'm more of a bright colour person!

Sunday 3 August 2008


is the theme on TGiF.... I've made 3 ATC's using a collage sheet from Digital Collage Sheets.

Open your Eyes

is the theme on this week's TMTA

Saturday 2 August 2008

" on yer bike "

is the theme on Sunday Postcard Art this week.... here's mine !

dans ma maison il y a....

this week is.... the sea

This is the first time I've tried this challenge... I love the house shape and I'm trying to do more challenges.... so watch this space!

For the birds....

is the theme on Gothic Arches this week. I havent done this challenge for ages... because of life mostly getting in the way of my artwork. I'm only just in time this week! lol

Last month I had some fab gothic arches from my great friend Roc, and I asked her if I could pinch her idea for the bobble on top of the arch.... so here it is..... Check out Roc's blog... she does some fantabulous artwork. Thanx Roc! I think I'll be using this shape Gothic Arch much more :-)
Collage sheet is from Digital Collage sheets... its one of their new ones!