Saturday 20 November 2021

Dogs leave Pawprints on our Hearts

 This week, SPA is hosted by the adorable Amy who has chosen the theme of DOGS

i love my dogs so much. I have 6 altogether. 

My Mr Petrie is the oldest, hes now 13. Then Prudence, my first Romanian rescue... So much part of my heart. Our 2 other Romanian rescues, Betsy and Fleur are both differently abled each with 3 legs. And last but not least are our 2 tiny chihuahuas, Frida and Kahlo

The next picture is for perspective as the girls look ginormous but are teeny tiny

And here is my postcard, 


Mandy xx 



Michele said...

marvelous dogs! the postcard AND the real ones! lucky you to have so many doggie companions! xo

Katrin said...

Hi Mandy, like your dog-card.
(myself don't like dogs - bad experience as a child...)
Have a wonderful sunday &
best wishes

Sim said...

Your beautiful postcard is wonderful Mandy (I like it a lot*); and all of your dogs (and your cat :) are adorable, really.
Well done and thank you for your artistic work and for the rescues.
*I love your artwork in general.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Great looking dogs and artwork. (And I like the cat in the mix.)

peggy gatto said...

How wonderful!!! Lucky dogs!

Cindy McMath said...

Lovely card Mandy! Fun to see all your furry friends too! Especially the cat. :)

Cindy McMath said...

Not sure my first comment went through! Lovely card Mandy! So fun to see all your furry friends too - especially the cat! :)

Mary M. said...

Love the rescues. What a beautiful bunch!