Saturday 12 August 2017

Voyage dans le Monde

This week's theme of Famous Buildings was chosen by Rein, I've chosen the easy route of the
Eiffel Tower
using an old collage sheet that was already printed out.

 last week, our theme was Stargazing, here's my Stargazer, I like to think she is looking up to the sky to see where Lily's star (after she died, her pole dancing friends got together and named a star after her.  I was a little late to post this for last week's theme but I still wanted to show it :-)

Mandy xx


peggy gatto said...

Your layering and details are always amazing !

Cindy McMath said...

Mandy, these are both gorgeous cards. I love the Paris card (and Paris!). So rischly layered and such pretty colours. I saw your Stargazer on FB and admired it there but didn't know the story about Lily's star. That's very touching. And the card is so beautiful.. Take care. Xx

indybev said...

I'm a great fan of your mixed pieces, Mandy. They are always intricate and well done!

Rika said...

Love your Piris card.